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Xconomy Webinar: Alternative Financing Models for Drug Development

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The venture investment model has long served as the industry standard for starting biopharma companies to develop new drugs.

For the most part, though, only those discoveries with a high potential for financial reward get developed. Many prospective drug candidates fall through the cracks for economic reasons that have nothing to do with a molecule’s scientific promise. In some cases, the global market for a targeted disease is deemed too small to generate an adequate return on the investment required. In others, exclusive patent rights could not be easily established.

Meanwhile, the revolution in genomics is bringing a vision of precision medicine into focus that will require customized therapies, and drugs that have been optimized for patients with specific genetic variations. It’s becoming clear that alternative ways of financing drug development are needed.

Xconomy’s webinar will shed light on this increasingly important topic by bringing together one or more of the leading experts on these alternative financing methods for an interactive, fast-paced discussion on what has worked so far—and where things might be headed.

Available Now – On Demand

Our Expert Panel:
Roger M. Stein, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Sloan School of Management, MIT
Neil Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, BridgeBio
Vikas Sukhatme, Founder, GlobalCures; Chief Academic Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Vidula Sukhatme, Founder & CEO, GlobalCures
Jennifer Royer, Director of Product Marketing, DocuSign
Bruce Bigelow, Editor, Xconomy San Diego (moderator)

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