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TILT Bio’s Oncolytic Virus-Enabled T-Cell Therapy Is Ready for Clinical Trials

Akseli Hemminki, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of TILT Biotherapeutics, discusses how TILT is different from other immune-therapy companies. Their approach is based on human observations during trials, for example the 290 cancer patients treated with 10 different oncolytic viruses in 2007–12. Observing how the specific viruses stimulated the adaptive immune systems of the different patients led to the formation of TILT Bio in 2013, with the goal of developing its lead clinical agent TILT-123 to actually cure currently incurable cancers. In the next year, a Phase I clinical trial in metastatic melanoma in patients receiving TILs and TILT-123 will be carried out in France and Denmark. An additional clinical trial is also planned using TILT-123 in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor in refractory solid tumors.

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