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BWB TV: Synthego aligns with “Young Innovator” award at the 2019 Xconomy Awards Boston

Synthego’s Brian Schneider, Territory Account Manager, chats with Xconomy Publisher Brian Caine just before the company presented the “Young Innovator” award at the 2019 Xconomy Awards Boston. He explains the company’s aim to make biology a true data science by combining biology and engineering with high-throughput, scalable process control systems. Its work helps researchers who are concerned about reproducibility to design, build, and analyze experiments.

This interview was filmed as part of BWB TV at Biotech Week Boston on September 12, 2019.

Young Innovator winner: Joshua Cohen & Justin Klee, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals

Young Innovator finalists:

Cheryl Cui, Nest.Bio Ventures
Stephan Kontos, Anokion
Jordi Mata-Fink, Flagship Pioneering
Leila Pirhaji, ReviveMed

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