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From Startup to Success: Achieving Continued Value Creation or Exits for Your Biotech Company

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM ET

Successfully starting a biotech company is just the beginning of a long journey. The company must navigate their product successfully through development stages, demonstrating that each step along the way is hitting key milestones and creating value inflections for the company. Various pathways exist for generating continued value for investors or to move toward a successful exit. Once the company has successfully deployed early capital and advanced a program, it needs to determine the tradeoffs of continued private equity capital, taking the company through an IPO, strategic partnership, or a strategic sale to a biopharma company.

There are thousands of biotech companies all in search of continued value creation and successful exits, but only the ones who have compelling and convincing data can demand the outsized value and healthy returns for shareholders. Our expert panelists have enabled continued value creation and exits for biotech startups through strategic deals, IPOs, and later stage private equity investment and will speak about the things they look for when supporting these startups to success.


  • Chris Garabedian (moderator) – Chairman & CEO, Xontogeny
  • Dr. Christiana Bardon – Partner, UBS Oncology Impact Fund & MPM Capital
  • George Golumbeski – Executive Advisor, KSQ Therapeutics
  • Jon Civitarese – Managing Director, Leerink

This webinar is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Startup Manual Webinar Series. Previous webinars are available on demand.

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