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Navigating Challenges & Advancing Clinical Development: A Toolkit for Emerging Biotechs

Emerging biotechs are a force to be reckoned with. In 2018, approximately 70% of clinical pipelines belonged to emerging biotechs, who were also responsible for nearly 64% of new active substances approved by the FDA. In other words, 38 out of 59 approved therapies were patented by emerging biotechs last year. These numbers prove that biotechs are leveling the playing field and are leading innovation in the drug discovery and development space.

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As this space becomes increasingly crowded, companies will need to develop and differentiate their portfolio to be the real winners. Biotechs are confronted with various challenges, especially in the early, high-risk stages of compound development.

Rising drug development costs, a steadily accelerating race to collect impactful data, increasing knowledge of the epidemiology of diseases, growing competition for suitable trial sites, and a generally crowded market, are all factors that shape the highly competitive landscape of the life sciences industry.

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