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Biotech Success Stories: Achieving Value From Your Company

While you missed the live webinar, you can still watch a recording by following the link below.

In the final installment of the four-part webinar series, “Trailblazer Series: Secrets for a Biotech Breakthrough,” select entrepreneurs with successful outcomes take the series full circle by explaining the unique paths they took to achieve their desired results, providing insight into the monetization plans that worked and the risks involved. Included in the discussion will be important lessons about positioning potential breakouts, identifying and embracing the right funding strategies, applying resources judiciously, avoiding risks, and keeping the end-game in sight.

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In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Ways of identifying the right buyer or in-licensor, and developing a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership for success
  • The importance of being patient and understanding that the exit point with the highest returns may be further along the development path than expected
  • Which strategies may be most effective for your own unique business and experience, such as acquisition, selling to a buyer, liquidation, public markets, and more
  • How to avoid risky and poorly-developed offers for monetizing your company

This webinar is part of the The Trailblazer Series: Secrets for a Biotech Breakthrough. Previous webinars are available on demand.

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