2018 • CEO

John Maraganore

JOHN MARAGANORE has navigated the nearly two-decade-long journey of turning RNA interference (RNAi), a method of blocking the production of harmful proteins, into human medicines. As CEO of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals since 2002, he has guided the company through the field’s ups and downs, keeping it on track while it figured out how to deliver large RNA molecules safely to target tissues in the body. Now Maraganore has finally seen all the hard work pay off, with the approval of the first RNAi drug, patisiran, in August of 2018. RNAi has come of age, with Alnylam as its standard bearer.

John Maraganore (left, with Rob Perez, Life Science Cares), Alnylam Pharmaceuticals • Photography by David Fox Photographer