Abbie Celniker/MassBio/Liftstream

Life science leaders had little data on gender diversity (and the lack thereof) in Massachusetts biotech until a report last year released by MASSBIO (the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council) and life sciences recruitment firm LIFTSTREAM. The report offered 50 recommended actions for companies to improve their gender diversity. ABBIE CELNIKER, who was chair of MassBio’s board of directors from 2016 to 2018, led efforts to put out this report and implement various policies that address the gender diversity gap in life sciences. Under Celniker, MassBio and the BioPharma Executive Council drafted an open letter to the life sciences community—signed by more than 100 executives—that called on companies to improve gender balance in the industry.

Abbie Celniker, Third Rock Ventures & MassBio, Bob Coughlin, MassBio (Liftstream was unable to attend the awards gala) • Photography by David Fox Photographer