The Xconomy Awards Boston are open to people, companies, and organizations working across the life sciences in the Boston area and New England, including industry, academia, medicine, digital health and healthcare. One of the things that makes this innovation community so strong is the tremendous diversity of people and ideas. We want to celebrate this diversity, so we encourage you to think broadly and creatively when submitting nominees for the categories below. We also encourage nominations of people who have diverse backgrounds and are from underrepresented groups, as well as of companies, organizations, and teams led by such individuals. See the 2017 and 2018 finalists.

Big Idea

Revolutions begin with a bold, unique idea. It’s the scientific observation that spawns a new way of making drugs, the creative business strategy that shakes up the healthcare system, or the policy innovation that speeds new treatments to market. We’ll honor the people, companies, and organizations whose big ideas are making a big impact.


The Boston life sciences cluster attracts people and companies from all around the world. We’ll celebrate the most influential newcomer who is already making waves around town.

Innovation at the Intersection

In covering a vast range of industries across high tech and life sciences, Xconomy’s editors have found that some of the most important innovations happen at the intersection of different disciplines. We’re looking for the people, companies, and organizations that are most successfully mining that borderland.


From the new startup to the stock market giant, every company needs a good leader—someone who’s successfully navigated through rough waters or brought a unique and visionary perspective to the executive suite. We will honor the best of the best.

Commitment to Diversity

It is impossible to build a strong and sustainable innovation community without drawing on the talents and perspectives of people with diverse backgrounds. Nominate the people, companies, and organizations that are demonstrating a real commitment to building a diverse and inclusive life sciences community.

Young Innovator

It’s never too early to invent groundbreaking technology, start a company, or bring innovations to market. This award will go to someone 35 or under who is already building Boston biotech’s future.

Patients First

Patients have become more empowered in drug development and healthcare, advocating for more R&D, fairer drug prices and better access to drugs and their own health data. Patients are also partnering with researchers, companies and other organizations to make sure their voices are heard. This award will recognize people, companies and organizations that are prioritizing the needs of patients, through unique business and drug pricing strategies, creative partnerships, or other initiatives that put patients first.


We’re looking for young companies that are making their mark now: boldly charting new territory, executing quickly on a daring vision, or showing that their hard work is already paying off. Open to private firms less than 5 years old.

Secret Weapon

We all have a secret weapon on our team: someone whose accomplishments and impact far exceed the credit they’ve received. Whether it’s a member of the C-suite or executive team, a more junior employee, a patient, an advocate, or someone else in your organization or community, we want to give these unsung heroes the recognition they deserve.

Digital Trailblazer

Software, apps, mobile devices, big data and more—the latest advances in digital technologies are transforming not just drug discovery and medicine, but also how people can collect and use their own health data. This award will go to the person, company, or organization that is pushing the boundaries of how digital tools can ultimately improve health.

Lifetime Achievement

The Boston area is home to many people who’ve already achieved several lifetimes’ worth of breakthroughs, founding new fields of study and launching new industries. Who do you think has been the biggest influence and inspiration?

X of the Year

Some folks are so unique they need their own category. We want suggestions not only for which person, company, or organization deserves to win an award, but also for the category they belong in. As long as it fits on a trophy, that is.