We look forward to welcoming you to Xcelerating Life Sciences Seattle!

In light of global developments with COVID-19, we are closely monitoring the situation. As details finalize for this event, the safety and experience of everyone involved will remain our top priority as we’re committed to following the guidance of local authorities.

Xcelerating Life Sciences Seattle

October 2020 • Event date & location coming soon

Stay at the forefront of Seattle’s cancer treatment trends and technologies that are fueling today’s biotech investment and partnership opportunities

There is an outsize presence of cancer work in Seattle compared to other regions, and the investment in personalized diagnostics has grown considerably in the past year. But once companies get big enough to have an impact, they are often acquired like homegrown Juno and Immune Design. What does it take to have a successful merger? And how are acquisitions affecting the life science ecosystem in Seattle?

Learn what's fueling Seattle's biotech investment and partnership opportunities by registering your team to attend Xcelerating Life Sciences: Personalized medicine in oncology diagnostics & therapeutics - in October 2020.

The Xcelerating Life Sciences event series convenes local communities of life science and technology innovators, executives, rising pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists. Strategically positioned within six key life science hubs, each event is dedicated to helping industry leaders develop meaningful partnerships, spark inspiration, and explore bold new ideas to overcome healthcare’s biggest challenges.

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Xcelerating Life Sciences Seattle - A biotech conference & networking event focused on personalized medicine in oncology diagnostics & therapeutics

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