June 25, 2020

“The event was an extremely well-organized opportunity…
Thanks to its digital nature, I could join from Switzerland, a very nice side effect from COVID-19.”
Recent Xcelerating Life Sciences Attendee

1:00pm PT

Using AI in Drug Discovery

This panel will explore emerging technologies, examine machine learning and data in drug research, and uncover how they work in combination to support medical breakthroughs. Uncover how to make it from the discovery stage to trials, while speeding up the process in drug development.

Charles Fisher – CEO & Founder, Unlearn.AI
Abraham Heifets – CEO & Co-founder, Atomwise
Teresa Lavoie – Principal, Fish & Richardson
Jeffrey Lu – CEO & Co-founder, Engine Biosciences

2:00pm PT

Accelerating Industry Growth with Pure Tech & Pure Science: Building on San Francisco’s Tech Identity to Further Life Sciences & Healthcare

San Francisco is a world leader in innovation, and this panel will explore what makes the area unique as a life sciences hub. We will follow the local growth of health technologies, the unique mix of pure science with pure tech, and adjustments made to address the current global challenges. We will cover how companies using big data manage distancing requirements, approaches to establishing an effective and diverse tech and life science work environment/taskforce/work culture, and how proximity to the Bay Area strengthens the industry and accelerates growth.

Brandon Allgood – SVP of Data & AI, Integral Health
Aldo Carrascoso – CEO, InterVenn Biosciences
Michael Chui – Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
Rafael Rosengarten – CEO, Genialis
Ashley Zehnder – CEO, Fauna Bio

3:00pm PT

What’s Next: Investment, Partnerships & Pushing Life Sciences Forward

San Francisco holds a significant amount of capital – but where are there gaps in the market? How are investor, entrepreneur, and partnerships formed, and how can you get an investor to follow your work from the beginning? With the talent in the Bay Area, what does the future hold for bringing more therapies to market? And as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, what role will the life sciences tech landscape look like? Does it change investment models, speed up drugs to market, or create competition?

Michael Henderson – CBO, BridgeBio
Joe Panetta – President & CEO, Biocom
Andrew Radin – CEO & Co-founder, twoXAR
Mary Rozenman – CFO/CBO, insitro

4:00pm PT

Fireside Chats

The Bay Area and Beyond: Biocom Talks Innovation and COVID-19
Joe Panetta, president and CEO of Biocom, speaks with Xconomy Managing Editor Dan Stanton about the Bay Area’s special place in the life science industry, the resilience of the sector in the face of COVID-19, and some of the silver linings within the space that the pandemic is unveiling.
Fish & Richardson: Patent Law in Regards to AI and Machine Learning
Teresa Lavoie, principal at Fish & Richardson, speaks with Xconomy Managing Editor Dan Stanton about the legal complications of using machine learning and AI in discovering small molecule and biologic drugs, and how the patent landscape is likely to evolve.