March 18, 2020


Successful Research & Development Models

• Nancy Hong – Managing Director, Rivervest
• Ciara Kennedy – CEO, Amplyx
• Josh Schimmer – Senior Managing Director, Evercore
• David Weitz – Head of Takeda California and Global Research Externalization

As the biotech landscape becomes more competitive, San Diego must maintain high-caliber R&D. What are the latest approaches transforming research, discovery, and product development, and what are the available local resources?


What It Takes for Commercialization

• Kyle Gano – Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer, Neurocrine Biosciences
• Chris Loryman – Senior Manager, UCSD Office of Innovation and Commercialization
• Sylvia Mah – Founding Partner, Ad Astra Ventures & Director, University of San Diego Center for Peace & Commerce

A discussion on best practices, growth strategies, and the partners necessary to achieve success. Topics include pitfalls, real-world experiences, and technologies pushing life sciences and targeted therapeutics forward.


Building a Biotech Ecosystem in San Diego

• Zach Hornby – CEO, Boundless Bio
• Kim Kamdar – Partner, Domain Associates
• Jay Lichter – President & CEO, COI Pharmaceuticals
• Joe Panetta – CEO, Biocom
• Maggie Wong – Partner, Goodwin

How emerging and established companies are contributing, the impact of investment models, and an examination of the current leadership, talent, and opportunities.