March 18, 2020

Thanks to all our 2020 Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego speakers, sponsors, and attendees for making the online event so successful. Stay tuned for details about our in-person networking event later in the year, and for announcements regarding our 2021 event.


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Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego

Stay at the forefront of San Diego’s genomics and precision medicine

trends and technologies

Dozens of biotechs have emerged from universities, research institutions, and philanthropic organizations, defining San Diego as a meeting point for innovative startups, established life sciences companies, and academic prowess. How has the investment paradigm shift in funding strategies impacted San Diego? What does the future hold for precision medicine and the growth of genomics in this city?

Learn what's fueling San Diego's biotech investment and partnership opportunities by registering your team for Xcelerating Life Sciences: Biomedical Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine & Genomics - March 18, 2020.

The Xcelerating Life Sciences event series convenes local communities of life science and technology innovators, executives, rising pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists. Strategically positioned within six key life science hubs, each event is dedicated to helping industry leaders develop meaningful partnerships, spark inspiration, and explore bold new ideas to overcome healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego: A biotech conference and networking event focused on genomics, precision medicine, and biomedical breakthroughs

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