June 11, 2020

Engage with Philadelphia’s growing cell and gene therapy ecosystem, explore promising investment and partnership opportunities & align the latest trends and technologies with your business

Philadelphia is committed to becoming the next center for biotech innovation. The area already offers a strong biopharma foundation, world-class medical centers, academic institutions, entrepreneurial and partnership opportunities, and room for expansion. With its continuing success developing cell and gene therapies, what's next for commercialization, building and developing the ecosystem, and retaining the best human capital?

The online Xcelerating Life Sciences Philadephia forum and networking event will look at what’s already been accomplished and what lies ahead for cell and gene therapy. Discover how you can be part of this growing community, how your past successes can be applied to the evolving market, and what resources in your backyard you can utilize.

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Xcelerating Life Sciences Philadelphia - An online biotech conference and networking event focused on becoming the cell & gene therapy hub

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