Eyeing Foxconn, Manufacturing Gig Platform FactoryFix Expands in WI

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a similar business model as traditional staffing agencies. It is FactoryFix, rather than the employer, that handles most of the paperwork and pays workers. The startup earns a commission on the hourly wage of professionals that employers find using the service.

Beyond staffing firms—both the virtual and brick-and-mortar varieties—FactoryFix’s competitors include everything from Craigslist to “help wanted” signs at industrial parks, O’Rahilly says.

Several of the Illinois-based employers FactoryFix works with are considering relocating to Wisconsin or establishing an outpost there, O’Rahilly says. They likewise see opportunity in the Foxconn project and its ripple effects, he says.

It’s only been four months since Foxconn broke ground on its new campus in Wisconsin. While it’s too early to know what type of impact the project will have on nearby employers, companies like FactoryFix are trying to put themselves in a position to take advantage.

“If we were able to land Foxconn as a customer, that’s great,” O’Rahilly says. “But really there’s a lot more companies in that area that are going to need us more than ever.”

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