The Biggest Wisconsin Venture Round of the Decade… Didn’t Happen

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for 2014: $218.8 million. That figure is exactly $127.4 million less than the one reported for 2014 in the previous three Wisconsin Portfolios. (The latest report notes below the $218.8 million figure that “an adjustment was made to the 2014 numbers to more accurately reflect investments that year,” without mentioning Shine or any specific company.)

Before the Wisconsin Technology Council made the switch, it noted in its published materials that Shine’s putative 2014 financing and Wisconsin’s funding total that year were both by far the largest reported in any Wisconsin Portfolio, which has been published annually since 2011. (The second largest deal listed in any of the reports is a $52 million round that Brookfield, WI-based Connecture raised in 2016.)

In response to Xconomy’s inquiries, Bram Daelemans, who directs the Wisconsin Technology Council’s investor networks, said he would “likely remove [Shine’s $127.4 million round] from the funding total for 2014 in future portfolios,” because he could not “find any information on that round either, besides the announcement.”

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