Bright Cellars, AmFam, Coinigy & More: This Week’s WI Watchlist

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health information to flow into and out of computerized patient records systems.

—Venture Investors said in a regulatory filing that it’s seeking to raise up to $100 million to invest in healthcare startups. Madison-based Venture Investors is Wisconsin’s largest and oldest VC firm.

—One of the startups in Venture Investors’s portfolio is Madison-based FluGen, which this week said it kicked off a clinical trial of a universal influenza vaccine the company is developing. The study, which is taking place in Belgium, will test the ability of FluGen’s experimental vaccine to protect against so-called drifted, or mismatched, flu strains.

—Brian Moeller, operations manager at the Wisconsin life sciences trade association BioForward, wrote a recap of a recent talk that Daniel Lawton, co-founder and president of Promentis Pharmaceuticals, gave about some of the company’s ups and downs since launching in 2007. Milwaukee-based Promentis is developing drugs designed to modify brain chemistry to treat central nervous system disorders.

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