Nutrition-Focused GenoPalate Joins Crowd of DNA Test Kit Companies

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sends him a report with information about the nutrients his body craves most; which foods he should consider avoiding; and his tolerance for caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates, and other substances, Zhang says. A customer might also learn that he has sensitivities to gluten or dairy, or has an above-average likelihood of developing hypertension and other chronic conditions.

Of course, it remains to be seen how useful consumers will find all of this information—and whether it will translate into improved health.

It currently costs $299 (plus tax and shipping fees) to receive a test kit and later, a personalized report from GenoPalate. The cost is $89 for customers who have already had their DNA analyzed by services like 23andMe.

GenoPalate’s team currently includes 10-plus employees, three of whom are full-time, Zhang says.

The startup is considering launching its own line of healthy snacks and shipping boxes of them to customers each month. That could help GenoPalate build a stronger base of steady customers, she says.

Asked whether her startup plans to raise another round of outside investment in the future or fuel its near-term growth through test kit sales, Zhang says she’s “open to either option.”

“We want to make GenoPalate sustainable,” she says. “Ask me again in six months.”

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