Virtual Assistant Startup iDAvatars to Shut Down, Seek Buyer

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become regular paying customers, despite having previously indicated they planned to do so, Daroga said.

So what’s next for iDAvatars’ founder?

“I always have my law degree to fall back on,” said Daroga, a graduate of Marquette University Law School.

“There’s quite a few companies that have grown large enough [to where] they probably want to hire their first general counsel,” he said, adding that he’s open to—but not dead set on—remaining in the startup world.

Daroga said he might end up staying in the Milwaukee area, but that he also feels “it’s hard to limit yourself geographically.”

It’s also possible Daroga’s next career stop will be at another business that develops interactive digital avatars.

“I’m still keen and interested in this field of virtual characters,” he said.

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