Connecture, Spectrum, CDI, & More: This Week’s Wisconsin Watchlist

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Bitcoin. The company reportedly had its highest-traffic day ever on Dec. 22, a particularly volatile day for the price of Bitcoin, even by cryptocurrency standards.

—Serial entrepreneur Mark Wilson’s latest startup is VIP Crowd, which is developing digital tools to connect enterprise software vendors with workers at mid-size companies who are responsible for making purchasing decisions on behalf of their employers. Verona-based VIP Crowd is seeking to raise the remaining portion of a $1.5 million seed funding round by the end of January, Wilson said. The last company he founded, TermSync, was sold to France-based Esker in 2015 for an undisclosed sum.

—Rapid Imaging Software, a company that develops augmented reality tools for groups in the defense and construction industries, among others, recently moved its headquarters from New Mexico to the Madison suburb of Mount Horeb, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. Longtime Mount Horeb resident David Geisler, who had been a remote employee of Rapid Imaging for more than a decade, reportedly bought the company from founder Mike Abernathy in late November.

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