Redox Inks Contract with Boston Hospital to Integrate Patient Data

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startup could potentially charge the hospital a small additional fee, based on the number of third-party applications the Brigham uses Redox to share data with. The companies that develop those software products will not need to pay a separate fee to Redox, he says.

Redox’s software will allow the Brigham to “efficiently and securely share information and data that are essential to supporting the development of novel technologies that have the potential to ultimately improve” patient care at the Brigham, says Adam Landman, the hospital’s chief information officer, in a prepared statement.

Skievaski says that his startup won’t exclusively target networks of hospitals and clinics as customers—having other healthcare software vendors pay to use Redox’s tools helped the company gain traction early on, and appears to be a viable business model. But selling directly to health systems is something Redox will likely do more of in the future, he says.

“When we work with vendors … our strategy [is] to get in as many health systems as quickly as we can,” Skievaski says. “Vendors provide us breadth, and health systems provide us depth. The new thing that we’re doing is going deep with more and more health systems. [The Brigham] is number one that we’re making public, but there’s going to be more to come.”

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