Fetch Rewards Raises $9.6M, Adds New App to Let Users Scan Receipts

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the e-commerce giant yet another avenue to track the spending habits of its ever-expanding customer base.

Schroll says the deal didn’t come as all that much of a surprise to him.

“We knew Amazon was going to come into the [grocery] space in one way or another and we’d been waiting a while for them to make their move,” he says. “Everyone is realizing … technology is going to be need to be utilized in-store and [supermarkets] need to have more data on customers to truly be able to compete with a company as formidable as Amazon.”

Fetch currently has 65 employees, Schroll says.

While the startup remains a relatively small player in this evolving industry, a new round of funding and a growing roster of customers and partners could signal that Fetch is well-positioned to navigate the shifting landscape. Just remember to save those receipts.

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