ImageMoverMD Snags $1.2M for App That Securely Shares Patient Photos

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send pictures to their doctors using MyChart. This could have the effect of replacing some in-person appointments with electronic visits, Pickard said. The functionality has been live at UW Health for more than a year, Wendt said.

Apps such as Clinicam and Captureproof also allow patients to securely send physicians photos and videos, which can then be merged into patients’ digital health records. However, Pickard has noted that unlike those apps and others that might be considered competitors of ImageMoverMD, his company’s app can rapidly send images to a hospital’s picture archiving and communication system, which is used to store X-rays, CT scans, and other types of images.

Now, with some additional funding at its disposal, ImageMoverMD will continue trying to demonstrate that its tools can save time and money for patients and healthcare providers alike.

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