Invenra Signs On With Merck in Antibody Discovery Partnership

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you to present significant amounts of data to potential new partners,” he says. “One of the problems we’ve had in the past is most of our work has been for other partners, but then we can never share those data. And so we don’t have deep data sets we can use to essentially prove [the technology’s effectiveness] to new customers.”

Green says that Invenra would eventually find a partner to further develop its own internally discovered drug candidates if they progress as expected.

“We don’t expect to run these all the way through Phase 3 [clinical trials] and market approval ourselves,” he says. “We’re not big enough to carry that out.”

Investors have poured more than $11 million into the company since it was formed in 2011, according to documents filed with federal securities regulators. Invenra’s latest round of financing was a $3 million raise that closed a year ago.

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