Water Council, UW-Madison, Epic, & More: This Week’s WI Watchlist

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apps lead users to county parks to collect in-game prizes there. Pokémon Go is likely the best-known AR game, though the lawsuit challenging the ordinance was brought by Irvine, CA-based Candy Lab AR, the studio behind Texas Rope ’Em and other titles.

—Milwaukee-based Microbe Detectives announced it’s conducting a study aimed at optimizing biological nutrient removal programs at municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Working with Sheboygan-based Donohue & Associates and Englewood, CO-based CH2M, Microbe Detectives said it will help municipal facilities measure and monitor microbes that remove phosphorous and nitrogen, at no cost to the facilities. Microbe Detectives uses DNA sequencing to analyze samples of wastewater, well water, and drinking water to identify different types of bacteria.

—Madison-based Kiio said it received $1.3 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Defense and will work with UW-Madison and the University of Miami to study and attempt to improve tendon disease treatment. The project includes a multiyear 318-patient clinical study, which recently enrolled its first patient. Kiio develops software and hardware to help patients understand and adhere to exercise programs to rehabilitate (or prevent) injuries.

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