Some See Large EHR Vendors as Playing Catch-up in Population Health

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functionalities across all verticals, but not all the advanced features.

“There are certainly pieces within some of the advanced categories where we’re in active development,” he says, before adding that “I’m sure there are some things that we may choose not to do.”

Michael Barbouche, founder and CEO of Madison, WI-based population health software developer Forward Health Group, says that the goal isn’t really for one company to develop its tools to the point that they have all of the advanced functionalities listed in the Klas white paper. After all, no two hospital IT departments’ needs are identical. There will therefore almost always be a need for a patchwork of software systems, says Barbouche, who participated in the summit.

“No matter the implementation, no matter the setting, there will likely never be a situation where a single vendor platform will meet the needs for a client,” he says in an e-mail. “Instead, the mesh of multiple tools and multiple approaches will be required to meet the diverse needs of population health improvement.”

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