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Virent’s New CEO Talks Tesoro Purchase, Company Culture, and More

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of information.

X: As you come into this new role, do you have any specific goals or ways that you’ll measure the progress that Virent is making?

SO: In my last role, I had a large portfolio of novel process technologies. There’s a reason why people talk about the “valley of death” when you have capital-intensive new technologies. There’s a high failure rate in general for these types of technical developments.

I think that the measure of success for any of this type of research and development, where you’re resulting in a manufacturing facility running on a new process, is that you actually build a manufacturing facility running the new process. That’s what every researcher who works in this area dreams of seeing, that they can walk around with their hard hat on and see the big plant, the big manufacturing facility that started as an idea in someone’s mind one or two decades prior.

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