Monthly Handbag Service Among 5 Startups in Latest Gener8tor Class

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runs two shorter, no-strings-attached startup accelerators, which it calls gALPHA and gBETA.

Here are descriptions from Gener8tor of the other four companies in its current class:

Errund (Madison, WI): Software that helps customers find cleaning and other professional services for their homes and offices.

Fertilify (Toronto, Canada): Fertility supplements for women, as well as men. The company says its products are aimed at women who want to maintain their fertility later in life, women who are pregnant or recently gave birth, and couples trying to conceive a child or undergoing in-vitro fertilization.

Veramarx (Dedham, MA): A diagnostic test for early-stage Lyme disease that is still currently in development. According to the company, Lyme disease can be treated more effectively when diagnosed shortly after a patient is infected, and tests that are currently on the market are not always reliable.

Vyrill (San Francisco): Machine learning-powered software that marketers can use to get insights on users and brands. The startup says its data visualization and reporting capabilities allow users to identify popular videos and content creators.

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