NeuroPointDX, JCI, Resnick, & More: This Week’s Wisconsin Watchlist

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allow the newspaper group to broadcast breaking news live, upload video from mobile devices, and more, Field59 said in a press release. Community Newspaper Holdings, whose publications serve more than 130 municipalities across the U.S., will launch 22 properties on Field59’s platform this month, the company said.

—Catalyze, a Madison-based healthtech startup, said it is now calling itself Datica and has changed the name of some of its software offerings as part of a corporate rebranding. The company, which creates digital tools to help healthcare providers and software developers manage and share patient health data, said it unsuccessfully tried for nearly three years to trademark “Catalyze.” Another reason for the rebranding is that numerous healthcare organizations have names that include the word “catalyze” or “catalyst,” said Marcia Noyes, Datica’s director of communications.

—Madison-based Ebullient, which makes liquid-based systems for cooling computer components, raised $125,000 in debt financing from two investors, according to an SEC filing. The company’s patent-pending systems are designed so that a liquid flows through tubes to copper plates mounted directly on computer processors. The liquid boils into a vapor, and in the process captures heat, which is later released into the surrounding air outside a data center or other facility. Last year, Ebullient raised a $2.3 million round of equity funding.

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