GrocerKey Parlays Woodman’s Success Into New Sales, Raises $700K

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typically charged a setup fee, a monthly fee for each store offering pickup or delivery, and a small percentage of each transaction conducted through the online store. Pricing can vary depending on the wants and needs of a particular organization, though, Neren says. Supermarkets can in theory pass on some of these costs by requiring shoppers to pay an extra fee for pickup and delivery orders.

As more shopping trips are performed online, instead of beneath fluorescent lights to the tune of elevator music, GrocerKey and the stores it sells to will accumulate more information on users’ shopping habits. It’s likely that there will be groups interested in paying for that data, Neren says.

“We have a wealth of knowledge around customers and where they’re selecting products from,” he says. “That knowledge base can be shared with consumer packaged goods companies to serve as another revenue stream, not only for GrocerKey, but for the retailers we work with, to make e-commerce more viable.”

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