Jamf, Nordic, Titan Spine, & More: This Week’s Wisconsin Watchlist

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company’s current headcount is about 150, up about 36 percent from December.

—OnMilwaukee published a Q&A with Craig Sweeney, one of the founders of the fintech startup Milo Savings. The company, which is based in the Milwaukee area, plans to release a software application next month that’s aimed at helping users save for college and other expenses, Sweeney said. Leaders at the company envision Milo Savings’ software helping families track account activity, and allowing businesses and their employees to compare benefits packages.

—Xconomy dug into some documents detailing the sale of DragonSoul—a game for mobile devices developed by Madison-based PerBlue—to GIE. (GIE is a subsidiary of GREE, a company that is based in Japan and publicly traded there). What emerged was a more complicated sequence of events than GIE presented in its news release earlier this month announcing the deal. According to a translation of a document on file with the Tokyo Stock Exchange, GIE actually purchased an entire company—PerBlue, Inc.—as part of its acquisition of DragonSoul. Subsequent reporting revealed that before it agreed to sell the game to GIE, PerBlue spun out all of its non-DragonSoul assets into a new entity it created—PerBlue Entertainment, Inc. That is the legal name PerBlue will operate under going forward, a leader at the company said.

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