Hyde‘s Inflatable Life Vest Wins WI Governor’s Business Plan Contest

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governments to solicit input from citizens and incorporate their feedback on issues when crafting policy. Founder and CEO Nick Mastronardi says that today, municipalities conduct polls using everything from SurveyMonkey to more sophisticated—and expensive—services, such as those provided by Gallup. Polco participated in the Seed Sumo accelerator last year.

Complete Phytochemical Solutions (business services): The Cambridge, WI-based company has developed technology that helps identify the structure of organic chemicals and substances found in plants, fruits, and beverages. This can help ensure that food is nutritious and safe for humans and animals to consume. Christian Krueger, the co-founder and CEO of Complete Phytochemical—phytochemistry refers to the chemistry of plants—says his company’s clients include manufacturers of food ingredients and dietary supplements.

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