HealthLX Raises $405K to Help Clients’ Systems Exchange Health Data

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considering Redox was co-founded by former employees of Epic Systems, one of the largest and most ascendant vendors in the healthtech industry.

Epic—located just outside of Madison in Verona, WI—and some of its chief competitors have in recent months made headlines for what they’re doing—or, critics might contend, not doing—to help healthcare organizations share patient records. In some news reports, health IT insiders have raised the question of whether vendors are deliberately walling off their systems in an attempt to add customers.

Even for a giant like Epic—whose “enterprise” software covers everything from clinical documentation to scheduling and billing, across hospital and outpatient settings—clients often need help connecting software that falls outside their primary vendor’s bailiwick, Tesch says. “They can’t keep their hands around all of it,” he says.

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