Flint’s Water, Wicab, & New Leaders: This Week’s Wisconsin Watchlist

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support the renovation of a building acquired last July by an ownership group that includes The Water Council, which based in Milwaukee. The building is being called “Global Water Center II,” and the project is scheduled to be completed in January 2017. The grant will allow The Water Council to lease 11,728 square feet for three years at less than half the market rate, the WEDC said.

—Madison-based EatStreet has forged a partnership with Uber aimed at improving food delivery in selected cities, beginning with Chicago. San Francisco-based Uber is most widely known for its ride-hailing app, but has expanded into other areas, including UberRush, a delivery service. UberRush will start delivering orders placed using EatStreet’s technology later this month, said EatStreet co-founder and CEO Matt Howard.

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