CD Changer: Meet Chris Wheeler, Murfie’s New CEO

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have two or three music services, kind of like how people have cable TV and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) or Hulu Plus. We’re catered specifically for music enthusiasts who want to really take care of their music collection and stream it in a super convenient way. [Murfie] is the definitive platform that allows them to own the music, unlike iTunes, where a lot of us had to re-buy music because we didn’t really own it.

X: Last year, The Capital Times reported Murfie was “beta testing” a DVD service. What’s the latest on that?

CW: I don’t think we have DVDs for sale right now. We built some technology around DVDs. We haven’t announced anything yet. But we do have a platform that we built for DVDs. I don’t know that we’re actively pursuing DVD commerce at this time.

X: Are Murfie and The Rabble tools that can help independent and local artists gain exposure?

CW: If independent artists need a medium to sell and stream music, we’re built exactly for that. We provide an alternative way for them to get their music out into the marketplace and distribute it using our platform.

X: Murfie gets its name from materials recovery facilities (MRFs, or “murfs”), which are centers for processing recyclable materials. How important is recycling to your company?

CW: Recycling is an example of something where we’re doing well by doing good. We have no waste at our company. When we get donations or we acquire used inventory, we use every piece of it. We either make it into digital assets and then sell it to our users, or we sometimes would bundle it and sell it to collectors. Or we recycle it where the music has no value. We use every last piece of it. It’s one of the most green business models I’ve ever been associated with.

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