Phoenix, Baird’s New CEO, & Epic’s Growth: This Week’s WI Watchlist

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years old or younger—are responsible for 47 percent of job creation in Wisconsin, the Capital Times reported. But state policies tend to help older businesses more than startups, said Steven Deller, a UW-Madison professor who co-authored the study. “This growing importance of entrepreneurship is something that economists have known about for years, but policies tend to favor larger, established businesses,” Deller told the Times.

—Madison-based Healthfinch, which makes software to automate routine tasks performed by physicians and other workers who care for patients in clinics, raised $7.5 million in a Series A funding round. Since launching five years ago, Healthfinch has focused on creating standalone applications for things like fulfilling medication requests and planning visits to the doctor’s office. Now, it has introduced a platform tying the apps together, which Healthfinch co-founder and CEO Jonathan Baran said the company will continue to develop using the new financing.

—Some of Wisconsin’s more august companies have joined UW-Madison’s Internet of Things lab, a campus center for developing connected devices launched in 2014, the university said. The lab’s roster of corporate members now includes American Family Insurance, Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK), A. O. Smith (NYSE: AOS), and the Andersen Corp. Another 35 companies have expressed interest in sponsoring the lab, the school said.

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