With $7.5M Series A, Healthfinch To Keep Evolving Automation Software

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computer servers, Baran says. However, now that many of the country’s largest healthcare organizations have gone digital, there is vast potential to improve the lives of patients, as well as those of physicians and other providers.

“We’re on the other side [of the transition] now,” Baran says. “In the health IT industry, we’re at the tipping point right now where we finally have data that we can begin to do things with.”

Asked about other companies working to address the same types of problems as Healthfinch, Baran says has yet to hear of any head-on competitors. That might well change, and in the meantime Healthfinch will need to stay a step ahead of large EHR vendors, which can allot more resources to solving a specific issue than most startups, even well-funded ones. Because in capitalism, as in nature, only the strong survive.

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