IP Business Basics 101

From the event organizer:

“This new, one-day, deal-centric course has been designed by experienced LES executives for business and licensing (newer to the field) professionals in USA & Canada. Whether it is a trademark, international brand, copyright, patent, knowhow, trade secrets or a combination of some/all of these, recent transactions and auctions have confirmed the value of IP in business. This course is interactive and built around real-world examples and small group hands-on exercises.

There is no prerequisite for the course. It is designed for people who develop, market and manage (commercialize) creative, new solutions of all kinds. It shows you how valuable inventions and ideas work in business.

The key is having a diverse audience that includes entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, private equity and venture capital investors, investment bankers, lawyers, graduate students, CPAs, various people from start-ups and established companies of all sizes, non-profit tech transfer offices, law firms, valuation firms, business and law school professors, professors in academic technical departments, etc.. The diversity in our classroom enhances discussion and comprehension.”