What’s On Tap? Bendyworks

Xconomy Wisconsin — 

Next up in our ongoing series exploring the beers on tap at the headquarters of Wisconsin tech companies: Bendyworks.

The 11-person app development shop has a prime location just off Madison’s Capitol Square that lends itself to occasional parties tied to bigger events happening nearby. Bendyworks has a number of craft beer enthusiasts on staff, although CEO Brad Grzesiak is quick to note that he strives to foster an easy-going atmosphere that doesn’t pressure people to partake. “We almost always view beer as a nice-to-have—a line item in a much larger event,” he says in an e-mail message.

Here’s more from Grzesiak on both the line items and the events:

What’s on tap at Bendyworks?

Our go-to beer is New Glarus’ Moon Man. It’s sufficiently complex, yet still appeals to a variety of beer drinkers.

How do you choose the brews?

Typically, someone just decides to bring some in. If someone doesn’t like the choice, they simply won’t drink it and will perhaps bring in some of their favorites.

Office happy hour?

We’ll usually host private parties for the Live on King Street concerts, since our office overlooks the stage. We also enjoy an annual picnic, of sorts, aboard the Pontoon Porch on Lake Monona, which includes some beer.

Kegs, bottles, or cans?

We’ll use kegs for events, like Live on King Street parties or trips on the Pontoon Porch. Beyond that, our beer is almost always in bottles. We tend toward craft brews, which are by and large in bottles. Having an office across the street from the downtown Great Dane will sometimes yield a couple growlers at a Friday night game night.

Best thing to happen because of office beer? Worst thing?

I’m thrilled to have worked with Henry Schwartz of MobCraft to collaboratively design a custom beer for us: Bendyworks DigitAle. It’s a ginger cream pale ale. The soft mouth feel and sweet ginger front give way to a hoppy finish. We contracted MobCraft to brew a few kegs for our Live on King Street parties and a number of bombers that we distributed to those close to us as thanks for being part of the Bendyworks family. It’s mostly gone by now, but I have a couple bombers in my fridge for special occasions.

We’ve been pretty happy with our relationship with beer, though. The biggest issue we have, which rarely rears its head, is when an old growler starts giving our kitchen a new…scent.Bendyworks Digitale