Drifty Adds $2.6M To Build Ionic’s Popularity With App Developers

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the best tool for its target user, and thinks it is especially well-suited for things like enterprise apps.

If Drifty “can continue to sustain the traction they currently have, and become a de facto platform for cross-platform Web development (which are some big ifs), the business model of up-selling modules, paid support, and custom development services are all incredibly viable,” Kasdorf says in an e-mail message.

The biggest challenge, Kasdorf says, for Drifty and other companies helping make apps that work across platforms is the “duopoly” that Apple and Google have with iOS and Android, respectively. “The entire cross-platform movement competes with native development, and both Apple and Google have a huge vested interest in keeping native well ahead,” he says.

It’s also crucial for Drifty to ensure it maintains a top-notch software engineering team, Lynch says. Some might argue that would require the company to relocate to Silicon Valley, but Lynch disagrees, noting that Drifty has found talented employees in Madison. “I think we’ve been able to show that you can build those kinds of companies in other places and they actually can compete on the world stage,” he says.

Drifty has three employees working remotely from Colorado and Rhode Island, but the rest of its staff is located in Madison, Lynch says. Drifty intends to stay there, and in fact is taking over the office next door to expand its space, he adds.

“We’re excited to be here,” Lynch says. “We are going to grow the team here. We do have some remote employees, but we want our home base to be here.”

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