What’s On Tap? Scanalytics

Xconomy Wisconsin — 

We featured Madison companies in the first two installments of our ongoing series exploring the beers on tap at the headquarters of Wisconsin startups. Today, we venture to Milwaukee to see what the group of nearly 20 employees at Scanalytics—developer of a smart floor sensor—likes to drink when they put their feet up at the end of the workday. Co-founder and CEO Joe Scanlin responds to Xconomy’s hard-hitting questions:

What’s on tap at Scanalytics?

Miller products, of course.

Also, we sometimes stock the very tasty DeGilleByl, which is from a couple local rising brewmasters.

How do you choose the brews?

As long as it is cold. Also, we will pick up cider because some of us have a gluten intolerance.

Kegs, bottles, or cans?

Bottles and cans.

Office happy hour?

We normally play bag toss, and we have a lot of team members with impressive ping-pong skills. We also regularly meet on the virtual battlefield with Counter-Strike.

Best thing to happen because of office beer? Worst thing?

I was temporarily blinded by a Nerf dart that was negligently discharged by my co-founder after a couple of pints. Just so happens the Nerf gun had a camera recording the whole thing. So, you could say that was the best and the worst thing that has happened because of office beer.

Scanalytics employees play ping-pong in the startup's Milwaukee office. Photo courtesy of Scanalytics.

Scanalytics employees play ping-pong in the startup’s Milwaukee office. Photo courtesy of Scanalytics.