What’s On Tap? EatStreet

Xconomy Wisconsin — 

In my visits to Wisconsin startup headquarters, I’ve encountered all the stereotypical office perks that have come to be associated with tech startups, from the obligatory ping-pong or foosball table to bring-your-dog-to-work programs. But the constant seems to be a fridge stocked with beer.

Which raises a critical question: What’s on tap? First up to answer is EatStreet, an online restaurant ordering service with 81 employees and headquarters in Madison. Marketing director Danny Mulligan dished on the company’s beer philosophy.

What’s on tap at EatStreet?

Can’t go wrong with Spotted Cow.

Who chooses the brew?

Our office is divided into two factions: those who view beer drinking as a time to relax and those who feel it’s part of the job. We let the latter group decide. They know what they want.

Kegs, bottles, or cans?

We normally get a keg and invite friends to join the fun.

Office happy hour?

We end almost every week with “Beer Friday” at 5 p.m. The keg gets tapped and overly competitive ping-pong matches begin as we all sip on Spotted Cow. About once a month we’ll coordinate tournaments. Bag toss, ping-pong, FIFA, and Super Smash Bros. are some of our favorites. It’s a great way to unwind and welcome the weekend.

Best thing/worst thing about beer in the office?

Let’s start with the bad. Remember those overly competitive ping-pong matches? We had someone attempt a heroic diving forehand and put a nice dent in the wall. It was also the best thing to happen because now we have a story to tell.