Montage Adds $6M to Help Clients Interview Job Seekers by Video

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a screen background tied to the company’s brand, say a football field or basketball court for ESPN or a castle for ESPN parent company Disney, Heikkinen said. Before the interview starts, the candidate can watch a video of the hiring manager describing the position and read interview tips.

“We know that for candidates, in many instances they have more control and power over the hiring equation than ever,” Heikkinen said. “There’s a skilled workforce shortage. Generation Y workers expect a high-tech, high-touch experience.”

Part of the benefit for clients is better connecting job seekers with the brand, so even if they don’t get hired, they’ll have a positive impression of the company and could turn into a consumer of its products and services, Heikkinen said.

Montage has customer service staff available 24/7 for tech support, another differentiator from other Web video tools, Heikkinen said.

Other Montage products include apps for a pre-interview screening process that allow a pool of job candidates to record answers to a series of questions from the potential employer. Instead of conducting two or three phone interviews in an hour, a recruiter can watch 10 to 15 Montage interview videos, rank the best candidates, and quickly share that information wirelessly with a hiring manager who might be in a different location, Heikkinen said.

“It really shrinks that collaborative decision-making [process] by having deeper insight,” he said.

One of the challenges for Montage has been convincing recruiters to adopt its products, which requires a shift in the way they do their jobs. In response, Montage has taken an approach that allows clients to add the startup’s products in phases as they prove their usefulness, Heikkinen said.

“The great news for us is we’ve got an outstanding client base, and it’s growing every month,” Heikkinen said.

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