December 6, 2017

Last December at our annual Bay Area biotech forum, we assessed the election aftermath for the life sciences. This year, we'll hear how top researchers, executives, investors, and thought leaders are navigating the political upheaval while staying focused on creating new medicines and treatments, and improving public health.

Gene editing, the microbiome, immunotherapy, neuroscience, and other fields are full of promise. Which ideas are the Bay Area's innovators really advancing? Which new ventures and bigger, well-funded companies are leading the way? New leadership at the FDA is making aggressive changes, healthcare reform is still on the horizon, and drug pricing remains a political hot potato. Join us to hear how Bay Area life science leaders are moving projects forward in our constantly shifting political and healthcare landscape.

Xconomy is bringing together some of the Bay Area’s top entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and leaders to explore these topics, and much more: