SolarWinds, Moki, Nimbix, GoT, Rice Business Plan & More TX Tech

SolarWinds, an Austin IT services company, has acquired Samanage, a maker of service desk software based in Cary, NC. The $350 million cash deal is expected to close by the end of June. SolarWinds said in a prepared statement that Samanage’s products will add to its suite of software made for more than 300,000 customers which are IT organizations from small companies to large enterprises. SolarWinds went public in a $375 million IPO in October.

Moki Software has hired Adam Maher as its CEO. San Antonio holding company Dura Software acquired Moki in June and relocated most of the employees to San Antonio. Moki develops software used to administer mobile devices and tablets intended for a single use, such as a point-of-sale system or a customer satisfaction survey at an office. Dura CEO Paul Salisbury had been working as the interim CEO of Moki since the acqusition. Dura was founded by Salisbury and Michael Girdley and buys companies focused on the business-to-business market with the intent of operating them and not reselling them.

—Cloud computing startup Nimbix has raised $4 million according to SEC filings. The Dallas area firm has raised a total of $19.5 million in five funding rounds, Dallas Innovates reported citing Crunchbase data.

—If watching “Game of Thrones” isn’t enough stimulation, AT&T is offering an immersive game-playing experience at selected stores, according to a press release from Magic Leap One. The Dallas gaming company has a collaboration with HBO, which is producing the popular television series. Users can fight White Walkers in the augmented reality experience. The game was available in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco earlier this month and will continue to tour the country, including some Texas stops, until June 9.

Xconomy National Correspondent David Holley contributed to this report.

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