San Antonio Program for “Pre-Incubator” Startups Reveals First Class

Xconomy Texas — 

San Antonio — Two Texas startup programs are teaming up to run a “pre-incubator” for startups that are still developing their business ideas.

Called the Velocity360 program, the incubator is run over eight weeks by VelocityTX and its partner, EPIcenter. Entrepreneurs will work with VelocityTX and EPIcenter once a week on the viability of their ideas for new products and services, aiming to determine whether they need to proceed with, pivot from, or ditch their current business.

Six entrepreneurs have joined the program’s first cohort and are working on four startup ideas, including an augmented reality app that aids the part of the ear and brain controlling balance and eye movement; a pet supply shop; and a program for improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

After a startup idea successfully passes through the pre-incubator program, its founders can apply to VelocityTX’s incubator, known as the Global Accelerator Program, or +3. VelocityTX plans to start a new, eight-week pre-incubator in July.

VelocityTX unveiled itself in late 2017 as a superhub for startups. Founded by bioscience and tech economic development group Texas Research & Technology Foundation, VelocityTX runs startup programs, is building a large innovation center, and provides other resources to tech and life science companies in San Antonio.

EPIcenter is a think tank, incubator, and exhibit space that advocates for innovation in clean energy. It hosts conferences, develops new companies and ideas, and pushes for research and development in the energy sector.