Two Weeks Until San Antonio Tech: Seizing the Momentum—Win Tickets!

In just a few weeks, Xconomy is hosting it’s first public event in the Alamo City, San Antonio Tech: Seizing the Momentum. It’s all happening on Feb. 20 at the Pearl Stable—take a look at the agenda and full line up of speakers. How can the region become a national leader in the industry? We asked our readers, and thanks to our generous supporters, Xconomy has been able to provide complimentary tickets to these forward thinkers.

Here’s what they had to say.

Alan Morgan, Sales Engineer, Diablo Sales & Marketing

—First, San Antonio needs some of the entrepreneurial companies to hit minimum market success to draw attention to them and the area. Next, investors need to see the potential of the area with its proximity to universities, engineering schools, hospitals, technology companies and more. Finally, the area needs to be recognized for a moderate climate, low tax base, affordable housing, trucking/shipping/rail access, and its overall growth potential. In essence, where is the next Silicon Valley—it’s near a name we all remember, “The Alamo”!

Sri Kamma, CEO, FunnelAI

—Startups with the help of their investors need to foster their relationship with local universities and coding schools to tap into their talent pool early on, and grow the existing tech eco-system. With the cost of living low compared to other major tech hubs like Austin or Dallas, with minimal investment in great startups, not only can we grow the talent pool but create jobs and foster the local economy. News and publications need to work with local companies to help advertise about these local companies and represent them alongside others in the same TX corridor.

Jay Fraser, President, New Dominion Enterprises

—The SA tech scene needs to broaden its vision beyond the comfort zones of information technology, cyber security, biotech and maybe robotics or AR/VR. How to do this? It can start with utilizing the resources of the scientific community in town to evaluate advanced technologies in new materials (think nanomaterials), energy related science & technology. These resources include Southwest Research Institute and the engineering schools at UTSA and St. Mary’s.

Have a few ideas of your own? Lucky for you, there’s still complimentary tickets left. Email [email protected] with the following:

— Name, title, company
— A brief written or video response answering, “What does the San Antonio tech scene need to do in order to seize the momentum?”

Remember, these complimentary tickets are reserved for attendees from companies less than three years old with 20 or fewer employees, and are only for new registrations—if you already have a ticket, it cannot be exchanged for a free one, but hopefully you have a colleague who can snag one. Given the limited number, we ask that you please use your free ticket (or let us know if your plans change). Note: Xconomy may use these responses for future promotional material.

We hope to see you there!

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