Diverse Workforces Support the Growth of North Texas Innovation


We have made it a priority since the inception of the DEC to incorporate diversity into all that we do. We have hired a diverse workforce. We have created programs focused on diverse audiences including gender, age, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, and more. We have made all of this a priority not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because a more diverse workforce and program offering has made our organization a better run and more relevant organization based upon our desire to best serve the entrepreneurs in North Texas. Diversity should not be a thing that you do to check off the list to satisfy a survey, political requirement, or even public pressure, but rather something you do because you know by creating a strategic approach to diversity you are making a more successful business.

[Editor’s note: To tap the wisdom of our network of Xconomists, we asked a few of them to answer questions heading into 2017 about the most pressing issues facing the innovation community, such as: “Given the political climate around diversity in tech and innovation, do you plan to change any of your programs or hiring practices? Why?” You can see other questions and answers here.]

Trey Bowles is the founder and CEO of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. Follow @treybowles

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