Dallas Software Startup Qentelli Aims to Improve Quality Assurance

Dallas—Quality assurance is usually done after something is built: At the end of the assembly line process, does the car drive? When it comes to software application development, at least, Dallas startup Qentelli wants to make that process more “agile” and bring modern methodology to testing practices.

A sequential process—build the software first, then test it—has become too time-consuming, says Sanjay Jupudi, Qentelli’s co-founder and president. “Business changes too frequently. If you have a project that is being developed for six months, at the end of the six months, the customer needs something else,” he adds.“We are creating software that can build the code today and test it after midnight. The developer can see the problems the code had overnight the next morning.”

Qentelli, one of the faster-growing tech startups in Texas, is based in the Dallas suburb of Irving, and was founded a year ago. The startup currently has 75 employees and 10 customers that include well-known corporate names in the airline and telecom industries, the founders say. Jupudi says he and co-founder Prasanna Singaraju invested their own funds into the company.

Most of their work involves testing code developed by customers, though Singaraju says they can both develop code and provide quality assurance. In the next year, the men say they want to increase their customer roster by a factor of five. “The company’s generating enough cash to go to the 50 number,” Jupudi says.

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