Boston Ride-Hailing Service Fasten Seeks Inroads to Austin Market

Austin—In the wake of Uber and Lyft’s departure from Austin, a Boston-based ride-hailing service said it will launch its service later this month.

The company has said it will comply with the city’s regulations regarding background checks of drivers. Uber and Lyft had fought against those rules, saying they were an unnecessary infringement on their business, and fought an aggressive campaign—spending more than $8 million—in a losing effort to convince voters of the same.

Fasten raised more than $9 million in funding and is led by a group of Russian technology executives, according to the Boston Business Journal.

By last Monday, two days after the election, both Uber and Lyft shut down their service in the city of Austin. Other ride-hailing services are seeking to fill the void. GetMe, which began in Dallas and moved its headquarters to Austin in December, has also ramped up its outreach following the election. GetMe also says it will comply with the city’s regulations.

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